October 20-23 2023, Las Vegas, Nevada


We're thrilled to connect with the vibrant community of brands and creators at TwitchCON '23. Our team is eager to discover and support emerging talent.

Want to learn more about us? Find us by the NomNoms Theater or simply "Get in Touch" below.


We're thrilled to connect with the vibrant community of brands and creators at TwitchCON '23. Our team is eager to discover and support emerging talent.

Want to learn more about us? Find us by the NomNoms Theater or simply "Get in Touch" below.

Our Team

Jon // ArtisanSamaritan

Co-Founder GAMERSx

Marketing & Management

Vlad // AutoPi1ot

Co-Founder GAMERSx

Technology & Management

Cora // BDE


Partner Onboarding & Development


GAMERSx provides opportunities for brands and streamers to network, collaborate, and grow.


Whether you're a a creator who's ready to take your influence to the next level, or a brand looking to expand your reach, GAMERSx is your ultimate networking opportunity.


Dive into a realm where passion meets opportunity.

What we offer


Your Story

Your Achievements

Your Spotlight

In a world where standing out matters, our Wiki helps showcase what you’ve achieved and sets you up for what’s next. It’s a clear snapshot of your skills and progress, perfect for anyone looking to level up.





In a space where the right connections make all the difference, our Exchange brings streamers and brands together. It’s a straightforward way to find collaborations that fit, helping you build partnerships that benefit and boost both sides in the gaming and streaming world.


Live & Tailored Content

Brand Promotion

xTV is your go-to platform for top-tier live gaming content. Showcase your stream or brand amidst the hottest streams and esports events, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement in the gaming community.


  • Your Story
  • Your Achievements
  • Your Spotlight


  • Brand Sponsorships
  • Exclusive Deals
  • Unique Collaborations


  • Live Broadcasts
  • Tailored Content
  • Promo Placement

Amazing Features

Discover a selection of distinctive tools and advantages designed to assist in your growth.

Powerful API

Our API has the capability to seamlessly integrate streamers

Zero Cost

Offering a no cost solution to help jump start your new streaming career

Tools of the Trade

Discover the techniques that are standard for brand-level streamers

How it Works

GAMERSx is designed to support the growth of streamers and elevate brand value within our rapidly expanding gaming industry.


Ready to Change the Game?

Discover diverse strategies to effectively represent your brand image and assert greater control over your brand identity


Register a Profile

Register a profile on Gamersx.wiki

Receive FREE stream promotion on Gamersx.tv & Gamersx.gg


1st Stop. Gamersx.wiki.

Our premier database catering to help showcase & promote your brand image to fans, viewers, Esport orgs, agencies & advertisers.


Next Stop. Gamersx.tv.

Allow us to promote your stream alongside industry heavyweights, uncover your strengths as a streamer, and inspire you to set and achieve higher goals on Twitch.



Establish connections with brands and products to explore fresh avenues for growth as a streamer

The GamersXchange is available, by invitation only

Market Launch in Summer of 2024.



Now Its Your Turn!

Prepare to engage with advertisers, seize marketing opportunities, and accumulate points toward your tier threshold. For the win (FTW)!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've noticed common complex questions from streamers and aim to offer clear answers for your convenience

Our services are offered at no cost. We specialize in streamer development, stream promotion, and brand enhancement, all aimed at facilitating the creation of more substantial advertising and sponsorship prospects for your streaming career.

Kindly complete the form available on GamersX.wiki. Once we've assessed your streaming history, we will furnish you with further details regarding potential placement opportunities on specific dates, weeks, or months.

At present, we are exclusively offering advertising, stream sponsorship, and network engagement opportunities to our existing clientele, which includes streamers and influencers. If you wish to join the upcoming new user batch for GMXv2, kindly complete the Twitchcon 23 form "Join The Team"

Our Mission & Vision

At GAMERSx, we're dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions for the dynamic gaming and influencer industries. Through GAMERSx.TV, our state-of-the-art OTT platform, we transform live broadcasting, maximize advertising potential, and empower influencer growth. We champion emerging talents in gaming and envision a future where GAMERSx sets the industry standard for innovation and community collaboration, elevating opportunities for all.

Lets Grow Together

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Let our team be a gateway to fostering growth and unlocking brand development opportunities for aspiring streamers ready to embark on their journey.

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